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November 6th, 2008

05:33 pm - Petaluma Tapwater?
So I see this community has been crazy active since I last posted! ;D My husband and I ended up moving here, and we're almost done unpacking. We're enjoying Petaluma so far.

I was wondering, though: is the tapwater here safe to drink? And if not, what do you guys do to make it safe? Brita pitchers, or something stronger?

I'd assume that our landlord would have told us if there were any severe issues with the water supply (lead or whatever), but it tastes so terrible that I'm still a little worried. I've noticed it tastes bad in restaurants too, so it seems like a citywide thing.

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August 8th, 2008

09:56 am - I have a ton of questions...
Hi! I know this community isn't very active, but I'm hoping a there are a few people still reading.

There's a distinct possibility that my spouse and I are gonna have to move to the north bay for his job. We lived in lower Marin a while ago, and it might have just been the neighborhood, but I hated it; we had to drive everywhere, even if we just wanted a cup of coffee or a snack from a convenience store. I am hoping that we can find a place to live that's a lot less driving-oriented, if we do end up going back, and I'm wondering if Petaluma is what we're looking for.

So, how is Petaluma as far as being able to walk, or take public transport? Is there any alt-punk-goth-whatever subculture there? Are there any farmer's markets? How about good chinese food? I'm also a total geek; are there any comic book stores around, or other fun geek-type places? Are there any good museums, libraries, or aquariums? Is there an independent movie theater?

The other places we're looking at (because they will be close to spouse's job) are Novato (which from what I've seen is actually just a giant mall with a few houses around it) and Vallejo (which I've never been to). Any thoughts on those two places?

Sorry for the long post and all the silly questions. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me, and if there is a better place for me to ask this stuff please let me know. :)

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June 15th, 2008

07:12 pm - Monday the 16th (Tomorrow!) Bike Rde To City Hal!
*pass around heavily*

Monday, June 16th, Bicycle Ride To City Counsel Meeting (11 English St.)

Meet at Lucchesi Park on the East Side at 6pm to ride to the City Counsel meeting in support for the Community Impact Report (CIR) compiled by the Petaluma Living Wage Coalition and their allies!

This is a very important campaign being organized by our good friends in the Living Wage Coalition and they need our support this coming Monday, June 16th. The City Council will be discussing the Community Impact Report (CIR) which would greatly protect our environment, local businesses, and jobs from giant, corporate big box stores. The meeting is at 7pm and we really hope all of you can make it out just for a little bit to show your support. Also, they are looking for people to speak, so if you feel passionately about supporting good jobs, the environment, and local business, then you should definitely come and say a few words to the council. Please pass on the word and help us win this important victory!

From The Living Wage Coalition of Petaluma:
he Petaluma Community Coalition which includes the Sonoma County Living Wage Coalition, Sonoma County Conservation Action, Sierra Club Sonoma Group, Petaluma Tomorrow, Petaluma Neighborhood Association, Petaluma Federation of Teachers, New Economy, Working Solutions (NEWS), North Bay Labor Council, Accountable Development Coalition, and the Petaluma Independent Business Association has introduced to the Petaluma City Council a Community Impact Report (CIR) ordinance for proposed large new commercial and retail projects.

The City Council will consider our CIR ordinance and discuss a staff report at this meeting. The CIR is an innovative policy tool that can help policy-makers and staff to make informed decisions about proposed large commercial retail. The CIR complements the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by considering the potential impacts of proposed large retail projects on small businesses, public health and social services, job quality, and affordable housing. Our legislation is similar to CIR requirements adopted in other California cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles, and a recent state law passed in Maine, the Informed Growth Act. A CIR will encourage more sustainable and equitable development in the City of Petaluma, and can serve as a model for other cities in the county.

Please come to the City Council meeting on Monday, June 16th to demonstrate your support for Community Impact Reports.

For more information on the CIR proposal and to view the language proposed, please go to: http://www.livingwagesonoma.org
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May 10th, 2007

06:24 pm - Hey Ho Petaluma
Hi to my folks here.  This page is a bit quite but oh well, i'm new here anyway.  nice to meet you all.  any thing excting going on?  I'll introduce myself

Name: Hahu
Place: Petaluma
School: SRJC
Status: newbie
Plan: Plus account (may be you don't want to know this, but that's something about me so...)

I'll come back again when I think of something awesome to share.  have a nice day.
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July 8th, 2006

12:29 am - WAKE UP, PETALUMA

May I quote an officer today: "You need to calm down or take a vicadin." - Officer M. Thomas of the Petaluma Police Department. I bet they'd like us to be drugged out, in our homes, and out of their way to further Basin Street Properties/Petaluma City Counsels commodified vision of Petaluma where all we do is consume, work, drink, and eat.


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May 8th, 2006

08:18 am - Here Comes The Latest Craze, Baby, Clench Your Fist, Strike A Match, Let's Light This Movement!

Come to the first meeting of the Petaluma chapter of Youth Against War & Racism. The scope shall cover the formulation of goals to accomplish in our local community! This group, which has chapters in Twin Cities, Seattle, and Tacoma, is a positive way to start being an active participate in the world around you.

We're meeting at Casa Grande High Schools new Multiuse room this Saturday at 12pm. This group is welcome to all high school age youth who wish to participate; Petaluma & St. Vincents High students welcome too!

Any questions? Contact me through my LiveJournal.

Tell your friends!
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April 24th, 2006

11:53 am - outside the ptown borders
i'm no longer in ptown but grew up there, and at the risk of sounding like an advertisement i wanted to mention a job i had a few years back that i loved (and hated) and really gave me a better sense of the world and my place in it. i wanted to join the peace corps but they only want college graduates (i didnt have the money for college), so i decided to try marin conservation corps for a summer (http://www.marincc.org). when i started i was the only white girl out of about 50 corpsmembers out in the natural resource crews - a new experience for my lower-middle class petaluma self. anyway, it pays crap and is hard work, but you learn tons about the environment and working with a team, you get into great shape, and you can earn scholarships while you work. i ended up staying 3 years and leading my own crews building trails, etc., and made a lot of great contacts for jobs after that. it's in san rafael, not so far from the bus line. it's a year long program, usually, but you can just do it for the summer if you want to try it out. if you're not into the trail building and other physically demanding job they also have recycling and teaching crews.

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December 22nd, 2005

09:19 pm
I am going to be going to Casa at the semester. How horrible is it? I might just stay at community school.
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November 16th, 2005

10:43 pm - ehh.
I got this idea from an anonymous poster in one of the communities I'm in, buuuut--

How about we all collect hundreds, maybe thousands, of super balls and drop them from the balcony of a mall. Or the balcony of any other place which has a lot of foot traffic.

It would be oh so rad.
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November 15th, 2005

05:03 pm
Has anyone heard of a thrift store that goes by the dig, or as is? If so is it any good and where is it at?

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