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Monday the 16th (Tomorrow!) Bike Rde To City Hal! - Hicksville USA

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June 15th, 2008

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07:12 pm - Monday the 16th (Tomorrow!) Bike Rde To City Hal!
*pass around heavily*

Monday, June 16th, Bicycle Ride To City Counsel Meeting (11 English St.)

Meet at Lucchesi Park on the East Side at 6pm to ride to the City Counsel meeting in support for the Community Impact Report (CIR) compiled by the Petaluma Living Wage Coalition and their allies!

This is a very important campaign being organized by our good friends in the Living Wage Coalition and they need our support this coming Monday, June 16th. The City Council will be discussing the Community Impact Report (CIR) which would greatly protect our environment, local businesses, and jobs from giant, corporate big box stores. The meeting is at 7pm and we really hope all of you can make it out just for a little bit to show your support. Also, they are looking for people to speak, so if you feel passionately about supporting good jobs, the environment, and local business, then you should definitely come and say a few words to the council. Please pass on the word and help us win this important victory!

From The Living Wage Coalition of Petaluma:
he Petaluma Community Coalition which includes the Sonoma County Living Wage Coalition, Sonoma County Conservation Action, Sierra Club Sonoma Group, Petaluma Tomorrow, Petaluma Neighborhood Association, Petaluma Federation of Teachers, New Economy, Working Solutions (NEWS), North Bay Labor Council, Accountable Development Coalition, and the Petaluma Independent Business Association has introduced to the Petaluma City Council a Community Impact Report (CIR) ordinance for proposed large new commercial and retail projects.

The City Council will consider our CIR ordinance and discuss a staff report at this meeting. The CIR is an innovative policy tool that can help policy-makers and staff to make informed decisions about proposed large commercial retail. The CIR complements the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) by considering the potential impacts of proposed large retail projects on small businesses, public health and social services, job quality, and affordable housing. Our legislation is similar to CIR requirements adopted in other California cities such as San Diego and Los Angeles, and a recent state law passed in Maine, the Informed Growth Act. A CIR will encourage more sustainable and equitable development in the City of Petaluma, and can serve as a model for other cities in the county.

Please come to the City Council meeting on Monday, June 16th to demonstrate your support for Community Impact Reports.

For more information on the CIR proposal and to view the language proposed, please go to: http://www.livingwagesonoma.org
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